Our dedicated staff are here to provide support, compassion, and information to help you through your journey of grief and the celebration of your loved one’s life.

Winterville Cremation has a small but dedicated staff. Having less staffing costs allows us to further decrease our operational and service charges. This in some ways limits our service offerings, but those desiring a simple and affordable solution will find that we have plenty of options to choose from. You will also find that our business hours are a little different as well. We are open by appointment only and set arrancement conference appointments Monday through Friday between 9 and 4 PM. We will certainly be available to conduct services outside of those times and will respond to deaths at any time, but we do ask that arrangement conferences by held during our normal business hours, barring a special need.

Winterville Cremation and Funeral Services

Alex Maness Funeral Director

Alex Maness

Funeral Director