Winterville Cremation and Funeral Services is a new funeral option focused on better serving the changing needs of our community.

Over the past few years, funeral choices for many in our community have begun to change with an emphasis on simpler and more affordable funeral options. We have attempted to meet this need at our facility on Fifth Street in a variety of ways, but none have been particularly successful. Our family has always focused on full service funeral care, where we work to take care of every detail and be available to meet every need. In order to provide that level of service, we must have a large building and sufficient staffing to respond to the needs of our families. These needs result in a high business overhead that demands a certain minimum price point in order to cover the business’s operating costs.

As we began to ponder what a simpler and more affordable funeral option looks like, a number of thoughts came to mind. First, those looking for a simpler option generally do not need an expansive facility. They often would like space to gather with family and a few friends to visit and perhaps a small service at a gravesite or their own church. Often, there is limited family in the area, so there are less schedules to accommodate, allowing the family to be more flexible in the timing of their needs. Furthermore, most families desiring a more affordable option simply do not need the full range of service and merchandise options that we provide at our full service funeral home. Lastly, the most common reason our community has selected our family to serve them during their time of loss is our commitment to professional and compassionate funeral care. These are two things that do not cost a penny. They only require a corporate culture of putting the needs of others first. This is a culture that our family has cultivated for over 80 years and is evident in the quality of staff our business has attracted. We believe the people that work with us are all dedicated to the same mission of quality funeral service.

With these thoughts in mind, we began to create Winterville Cremation and Funeral Services. Simply put, this is a different approach to funeral service. Winterville Cremation is not attempting to meet every need. Instead, it is hoping to lovingly serve those whose needs align with its capabilities. With a smaller facility and staff, Winterville Cremation can offer substantially lower priced options for those desiring less ornate funeral options. The services we are offer here are ones we believe we do well and invite you to read What Makes Us Different and explore our Service Options and Online Planner to see if Winterville Cremation and Funeral Services is the right choice for you.

It has been a sincere privilege for our family to have served so many members of our community since 1932. It is our hope and our belief that this new option will improve funeral options in Winterville, Greenville, and the surrounding areas.


Robert, Don, Jr., and Matt Wilkerson

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